Policies "QC , safety"


Environmental Policy

• Compliance with relevant environmental laws, legislation and regulations and other statutory  requirements   related to Our  activities.
• Minimize waste generation and other pollutants resulting from construction activities.
• Reduce the use of pollutants.
• Maximize recycling 
• Safe disposal of waste materials.
• Maintain strict procedures and keep accurate records to show performance.
• Remain in full compliance with the requirements of Environmental Management Standards ISO 14001 2004.
• Ensure that all our employees, stakeholders and general public on our work sites follow environmental policies.


Quality Policy

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•We at SHBC take pride in being accountable for our work
•SHBC sets and follows high standards of quality objectives and we expect the Same standards from our suppliers.
•Our team constantly seeks customer's satisfaction while following our quality Management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.


Health & Safety Policy

SHBC understands the need to maintain safety assurance in a busy work environment that involves various technical and physical elements. To continuously remain in control of health and safety exposures across our work sites, we create and implement safety objectives with the purpose of developing strong safety beliefs and actions in each of our projects. We encourage all our staff and client/ suppliers/ contractors to follow our commitment to create a safe work environment, and proactively seek out occupational exposures and apply prompt and efficient controls. SHBC ensures that all our actions support that commitment, and we conduct constant reviews on our procedures and processes. In an effort to maintain positive safe work sites and achieve freedom from injuries in the workplace, SHBC Safety Policy is applied to all our projects through our Occupational Health, Safety and Environmental Management System.

• Following safety regulations at our construction sites.
• SHBC’s safety program complies and exceeds the requirements of the contracts and the legal requirements set forth by the Ministry of Social Affairs.
• Documentation of procedures over time and recording methods of decreasing risk.
• Fully compliance with the requirements of OH&S management standards OH&S 18001-2007.